German Journal of Herpetology

Volume 54 - 2018

 Issue 4


  • Oraie, H., E. Rastegar-Pouyani, A. Khosravani, N. Moradi, A. Akbari, M. E. Sehhatisabet, S. Shafiei, N. Stümpel & U. Joger: Molecular and morphological analyses have revealed a new species of blunt-nosed viper of the genus Macrovipera in Iran. pp. 233-248. [PDF]
  • Bernarde, P. S., L. C. B. Turci, A. D. Abegg, F. L. Franco: A remarkable new species of coralsnake of the Micrurus hemprichii species group from the Brazilian Amazon. pp. 249-258. [PDF]
  • Scherz, M. D., F. Glaw, A. Rakotoarison, M. Wagler & M. Vences: Polymorphism and synonymy of Brookesia antakarana and B. ambreensis, leaf chameleons from Montagne d’Ambre in north Madagascar. pp. 259-268. [PDF]
  • Picariello, O., B. Safaei-Mahroo & G. Chinali: S1 satellite DNA confirms the species rank of Rana pseudodalmatina Eiselt & Schmidtler, 1971. pp. 269-277. [PDF]


  • Šunje, E., D. Jelić & J. Vőrős: Insights into the phylogeny and phylogeography of the frog Rana graeca in the Balkan Peninsula (Amphibia: Anura). pp. 278-282. [PDF]
  • Lunghi, E. & G. Bruni: Long-term reliability of Visual Implant Elastomers in the Italian cave salamander (Hydromantes italicus). pp. 283-286. [PDF]
  • Lötters, S., N. Wagner, A. Kerres, M. Vences, S. Steinfartz, J. Sabino-Pinto, L. Seufer, K. Preissler, V. Schulz & M. Veith: First report of host co-infection of parasitic amphibian chytrid fungi. pp. 287-290. [PDF]
  • Pinto, R. R., F. L. Franco & M. S. Hoogmoed: Stenostoma albifrons Wagler, 1824 (Squamata: Leptotyphlopidae): a name with two neotypes? pp. 291-296. [PDF]
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