German Journal of Herpetology

Volume 53 - 2017

 Issue 3


  • Lehr, E. & D. Rodríguez: Two new species of Andes Frogs (Craugastoridae: Phrynopus) from the Cordillera de Carpish in central Peru. pp. 327-338. [PDF]
  • Franco, F. L., V. C. Trevine, G. G. Montingelli & H. Zaher: A new species of Thamnodynastes from the open areas of central and northeastern Brazil (Serpentes: Dipsadidae: Tachymenini). pp. 339-350. [PDF]
  • Ortega, Z. & V. Pérez-Mellado: The effect of thermal requirements on microhabitat selection and activity of Podarcis lilfordi (Squamata: Lacertidae). pp. 351-358. [PDF]
  • Cruz-Elizalde, R., A. Ramírez-Bautista, B. P. Stephenson, V. H. Luja & U. Hernández-Salinas: Variation in female reproduction between populations of the arboreal lizard Urosaurus bicarinatus (Squamata: Phrynosomatidae) from two different environments in Mexico. pp. 359-367. [PDF]
  • Oswald, P., K. Taddey, J. Auffarth, T. Brandt & H. Pröhl: Conservation genetics of a mirrored population of the European tree frog (Hyla arborea). pp. 368-378. [PDF]
  • Böning, P., S. Wolf, K. Upton, M. Menin, P. J. Venegas & S. Lötters: Amphibian diversity and its turnover in floating meadows along the Amazon river. pp. 379-388. [PDF]
  • Datta-Roy, A., V. Deepak, R. Chaitanya, C. Murthy, H. Bhosale, A. Lajmi, P. Karanth, K. Kunte & V. Giri: On the taxonomic status of Eurylepis poonaensis (Squamata: Scincidae): resolving a long-standing conundrum. pp. 389-397. [PDF]
  • Measey, J.: Where do African clawed frogs come from? An analysis of trade in live Xenopus laevis imported into the USA. pp. 398-404. [PDF]
  • Rubio, J. L. & V. Martín: Habitat use by peripheral populations of a lizard with a highly restricted distribution range, the Spanish algyroides, Algyroides marchi. pp. 405-412. [PDF]
  • Almeida-Santos, M., C. C. Siqueira, L. A. Anjos, M. Van Sluys & C. F. Duarte Rocha: Ecological aspects of the horned leaf-frog Proceratophrys mantiqueira (Odontophrynidae) in an Atlantic Rainforest area of southeastern Brazil. pp. 413-422. [PDF]


  • Santa-Cruz, R., W. L. Delgado, C. E. Medina, I. Treviño & R. von May: Distribution and conservation status of the critically endangered harlequin frog Atelopus epikeisthos (Anura: Bufonidae). pp. 423-425. [PDF]
  • Sannolo, M. & F. Gatti: To bait or not to bait: it depends on the context. pp. 426-428. [PDF]
  • Borges-Nojosa, D. M., D. P. Castro, D. C. Lima, C. H. Bezerra, A. O. Maciel & D. J. Harris: Expanding the known range of Caecilia tentaculata (Amphibia: Gymnophiona) to relict mountain forests in northeastern Brazil: linking Atlantic forests to the Amazon? pp. 429-434. [PDF]
  • Melo, G. C., L. T. Pinheiro, D. C. Passos & C. A. B. Galdino: Spatial organisation of the Neotropical lizard Tropidurus hispidus (Squamata: Tropiduridae). pp. 435-438. [PDF]
  • Conradie, W. & R. Bills: Wannabe Ranid: Notes on the morphology and natural history of the Lemaire’s Toad (Bufonidae: Sclerophrys lemairii). pp. 439-444. [PDF]
  • Correa, F. S. & L. C. Rodrigues: On the distribution of Neotropical climbing salamanders (Bolitoglossa paraensis) in a forest fragment of the eastern Amazon. pp. 445-450. [PDF]
  • Bernardes, M., C. T. Pham, T. Q. Nguyen, M. D. Le, M. Bonkowski & T. Ziegler: Comparative morphometrics and ecology of a newly discovered population of Tylototriton vietnamensis from northeastern Vietnam including remarks on species conservation. pp. 451-457. [PDF]
  • Wartenberg, N., S. Reinhard, A. Nöllert, A. H. Staniczek & A. Kupfer: Caddisfly larvae (Trichoptera: Phryganeidae) as scavengers of carcasses of the common frog Rana tempoaria (Amphibia: Ranidae). pp. 458-460. [PDF]
  • Heinicke, M. P., L. M. P. Ceríaco, I. M. Moore, A. M. Bauer & D. C. BlackburnTomopterna damarensis (Anura: Pyxicephalidae) is broadly distributed in Namibia and Angola. pp. 461-465. [PDF]
  • Fixari III, J. E., A. W. Mysiw, D. R. Sorenson, G. R. Smith & J. E. Rettig: Crowding effects on growth rate of Lithobates sphenocephalus tadpoles (Amphibia: Anura: Ranidae). pp. 466-468. [PDF]
  • Maia-Carneiro, T., T. A. Dorigo & C. F. D. Rocha: Seasonal influences of wind intensity on activity rates and thermoregulation of differently sized individuals of Liolaemus lutzae (Squamata: Liolaemidae). pp. 469-472. [PDF]
  • Jablonski, D., D. Gruľa, C. L. Barrio-Amorós & P. J. R. Kok: Molecular phylogenetic relationships among Pristimantis summit populations in the eastern tepui chain: insights from P. aureoventris (Anura: Craugastoridae). pp. 473-478. [PDF]
  • Scherz, M. D., M. Vences, A. Rakotoarison, F. Andreone, J. Köhler, F. Glaw & A. Crottini: Lumping or splitting in the Cophylinae (Anura: Microhylidae) and the need for a parsimony of taxonomic changes: a response to Peloso et al. (2017). pp. 479-483. [PDF]