German Journal of Herpetology

Volume 55 - 2019

 Issue 2


  • Richards, S. & R. Günther: Three new scansorial species of microhylid frogs (Anura: Cophixalus, Oreophryne) from Papua New Guinea. pp. 55-72. [PDF]
  • Köhler, J., M. Vences, M. D. Scherz & F. Glaw: A new species of nocturnal gecko, genus Paroedura, from the karstic Tsingy de Bemaraha formation in western Madagascar. pp. 73-81. [PDF]
  • Mebs, D., M. Yotsu-Yamashita & S. W. Toennes: Tetrodotoxin content of Rough-skinned Newts, Taricha granulosa (Salamandridae), from their northern distribution range, British Columbia, Canada, and Southeast-Alaska, USA. pp. 82-88. [PDF]
  • Mayer, M., L. F. Marin da Fonte & S. Lötters: Mind the gap! A review of Amazonian anurans in GenBank. pp. 89-96. [PDF]
  • von Bülow, B. & A. Kupfer: Monitoring population dynamics and survival of Northern Crested Newts (Triturus cristatus) for 19 years at a pond in Central Europe. pp. 97-102. [PDF]
  • García-Rosales, A., R. Cruz-Elizalde, A. Ramírez-Bautista & V. Mata-Silva: Feeding ecology of two populations of Sceloporus minor (Squamata: Phrynosomatidae) inhabiting contrasting environments in central Mexico. pp. 103-114. [PDF]
  • Rakotoarison, A., M. D. Scherz, M. C. Bletz, J. H. Razafindraibe, F. Glaw & M. Vences: Diversity, elevational variation, and phylogeographic origin of stump-toed frogs (Microhylidae: Cophylinae: Stumpffia) on the Marojejy massif, northern Madagascar. pp. 115-123. [PDF]


  • Grasselli, E., G. Bianchi, L. Dondero, V. Marchianò, M. Carafa, M. Perrone & S. Salvidio: First screening for Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans (Bsal) in wild and captive salamanders from Italy. pp. 124-126. [PDF]
  • Bolis, A., D. Pellitteri-Rosa & A. Bellati: Cross-specific mortality and differential occurrence of aberrant phenotypes in tadpoles of the Pelophylax kl. esculentus hemiclone assortment. pp. 127-130. [PDF]
  • Üzüm, N., A. Avcı, K. Olgun, U. Bülbül, M. Fahrbach, S. N. Litvinchuk & B. Wielstra: Cracking cryptic species: external characters to distinguish two recently recognized banded newt species (Ommatotriton ophryticus and O. nesterovi). pp. 131-134. [PDF]
  • Burgos-Gallardo, F. & M. Harvey: Aspronema cochabambae (Squamata: Lacertilia: Scincidae): its discovery in Argentina, morphological variation and extent of suitable habitat. pp. 135-139. [PDF]
  • Mezzasalma, M., F. Andreone, F. Glaw, F. M. Guarino, G. Odierna, A. Petraccioli & O. Picariello: Changes in heterochromatin content and ancient chromosome fusion in the endemic Malagasy boid snakes Sanzinia and Acrantophis (Squamata: Serpentes). pp. 140-144. [PDF]
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