German Journal of Herpetology

Volume 56 - 2020

 Issue 1


  • Lehr, E., J. Moravec & R. von May: A new cryptic genus of terrestrial lizard (Gymnophthalmidae: Cercosaurinae) from the eastern Andes of central Peru. pp. 1-15.  [PDF]
  • Su, J., M. Han, X. Zhu, C. Liao, S. Tu & Z. Luo: Habitat selection of the Asiatic toad (Bufo gargarizans) during hibernation in the Badagongshan National Nature Reserve, central China. pp. 16-26. [PDF]
  • Mindje, M., L. Tumushimire & U. Sinsch: Diversity assessment of anurans in the Mugesera wetland (eastern Rwanda): impact of habitat disturbance and partial recovery. pp. 27-38. [PDF]
  • Mario-da-Rosa, C., A. D. Abegg, L. Malta-Borges, A. F. Righi, P. S. Bernarde, S. Z. Cechin, T. G. Santos: A fisherman’s tale: Activity, habitat use and the first evidence of lingual lure behavior in a South American snake. pp. 39-47. [PDF]
  • Silveira, M. L., F. M. Quintela, S. Huckembeck & D. Loebmann: Home range in freshwater turtles and tortoises: implications for conservation. pp. 48-56. [PDF]
  • Hinneberg, H., E.-M. Riedel, K. Foerster & A. Kupfer: Interrelation of colouration and morphological traits in Northern Crested Newts (Triturus cristatus): towards a non-invasive tool for age determination. pp. 57-65. [PDF]


  • Platt, S. G., Myo Min Win, K. Platt, N. A. Haislip & T. R. Rainwater: Aspects of the reproductive biology of Chitra vandijki with a description of neonates. pp. 66-70. [PDF]
  • Twomey, E., J. Delia, M. Fashé, P. J. Venegas & L. M. Schulte: A new distribution record and updated conservation assessment of the endangered Marañón poison frog, Excidobates mysteriosus (Amphibia: Dendrobatidae). pp. 71-74. [PDF]
  • Bury, S., K. Kurek, B. Borczyk, B. Szulc & A. Kolanek: The causes of extremely low tick prevalence in European legless squamates remain an unanswered question. pp. 75-77. [PDF]
  • van Riemsdijk, I., R. P. J. H. Struijk, E. Pel, I. A. W. Janssen & B. Wielstra: Hybridisation complicates the conservation of Natrix snakes in the Netherlands. pp. 78-82. [PDF]
  • Seixas, F., F. Morinha, C. Luis, N. Alvura & M. A. Pires: DNA-validated parthenogenesis: first case in a captive Cuban boa (Chilabothrus angulifer). pp. 83-86. [PDF]
  • Raya-García, E., J. Alvarado-Díaz, I. Suazo-Ortuño & L. Lopez-Toledo: Chemosensory responses in newborns of the fossorial earthsnake Conopsis biserialis (Serpentes: Colubridae) to potential invertebrate prey scents. pp. 87-90. [PDF]
  • Dittrich, C. & M.-O. Rödel: Description of female release calls of the European Common Frog, Rana temporaria (Anura: Ranidae). pp. 91-94. [PDF]
  • Le, K. K., M. F. Metcalf, A. Decaire, K. N. Valladares, A. Pendray, S. Brunelle, E. Davies, M. Enzor, J. Foster, H. Fritz, M. Gilliland, L. Kligerman, J. Lehman, I. Martinez, L. Pischner, W. R. Purkey, L. Rodriguez, M. Smith, J. A. Stala, L. Stone, S. Suarez, J. E. Herman & D. A. Croshaw: Characterization of seven cross-amplifying microsatellite markers in Crotalus adamanteus (Serpentes: Viperidae). pp. 95-98. [PDF]
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