German Journal of Herpetology

Bernarde, P. S., L. C. B. Turci, A. D. Abegg, F. L. Franco

In Issues 2018

A remarkable new species of coralsnake of the Micrurus hemprichii species group from the Brazilian Amazon. pp. 249-258.

Abstract. A new species of elapid snake of the genus Micrurus is described herein, from the states of Rondônia and Mato Grosso, in the western Brazilian Amazon. The new species has a single anal plate, a unique characteristic shared with members of the M. hemprichii species group. It can be distinguished from the other members of this group by having a parietal reddish band in juveniles (absent in adults) and the absence of brownish or orange-yellow dorsal body bands. In addition, this species is distinguished from M. hemprichii by its lower number of body triads, and from M. ortoni by its lower numbers of ventrals and subcaudals scales.

Key words. Squamata, Serpentes, Elapidae, Amazon rainforest, colour pattern, external morphology, Neotropical region.

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