German Journal of Herpetology

Checklist for authors

 Use 1.5 lines spacing, Times, font size 12 pt

 Use 2.5 cm space at all margins

 Use British English only

 Do not use syllabifications

 Do not use double or more spacing between words and after sentences

 Do not capitalize first letters of words in title, headings and subheadings

 Use Small Captitals for authors' and person names if you do not have an option for small capitals, use usual types only (NEVER use CAPITALS)

Θ Never use numbers or abbreviations in the beginning of a sentences: “Twenty”, not “20”; “Lacerta”, not “L.”.

 If you use special characters (e.g. from other languages) or symbols, these shall be indicated on the first manuscript page

 Do not use a comma between author(s) and year in citations, except when they are author(s) of a taxon

 Do not use academic titles (e.g. Dr., Prof.) in Acknowledgements

 Do not submit original figures unless they are necessary for review

 Does the format of your reference list correspond with the style and standards you have identified from a current SALAMANDRA issue?

 In References, spell out journal titles, no abbreviations please

 Are no worldwide web sources listed in references?

 Is all literature cited in the text listed in "References" and vice versa?

 Do the key words provide additional information to the title, not a repetition of it?

 Are collection numbers and localities of voucher specimens mentioned properly?

 Are all scientific species and genus names in italics?

 Are headings and subheadings properly indicated?

 Do figures appear in order 1, 2, 3, 4… throughout the text (not 1, 2, 4, 3…)?

 Is text within the figures and graphs large enough even when reduced to column width?

 Do all figures have the required size and resolution (minimum 131 mm width at 300 dpi)?

 Are figures and text files saved in the required format (docx)?

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