German Journal of Herpetology

Volume 59 - 2023

 Issue 1



  • Miralles, A., J. Köhler, F. Glaw, K. C. Wollenberg Valero, A. Crottini, G. M. Rosa, L. du Preez, P.-S. Gehring, D. R. Vieites, F. M. Ratsoavina & M. Vences: An endless harvest: integrative revision of the Gephyromantis boulengeri and G. blanci complexes reveals six new species of mantellid frogs from Madagascar. pp. 1-41. [PDF]
  • Dehling, J. M., M. Mindje & U. Sinsch: New records and advertisement calls of Ptychadena species from Rwanda. pp. 42-50. [PDF]
  • Amat Orriols, F.: Strange geckos in a strange land: did morphological evolution and climatic diversification lead to ecological radiation and speciation in Flap-footed Lizards (Pygopodidae) during the Miocene aridification of Australia? pp. 51-62. [PDF]
  • Mayer, M., P. Böning, A. P. Lima, H. Krehenwinkel, Y. O. C. Bitar, P. S. Bernarde, M. Veith, M. B. de Souza & S. Lötters: Disentangling the biogeographic history of a truly pan-Amazonian amphibian – the case of the three-striped poison frog, Ameerega trivittata (Dendrobatidae: Colostethinae). pp. 63-77. [PDF]


  • Mogali, S. M., B. A. Shanbhag & S. K. Saidapur: Similar antipredator behaviour in tadpoles of two closely associated anuran species Duttaphrynus melanostictus and Sphaerotheca breviceps (Anura) to the common predator Pantala flavescens (Odonata). pp. 78-82. [PDF]
  • Mogali, S. M., B. A. Shanbhag & S. K. Saidapur: Antipredator responses of Polypedates maculatus tadpoles to kairomones from the carnivorous tadpoles of Hoplobatrachus tigerinus. pp. 83-86. [PDF]
  • Ginal, P., M. Flecks & T. Hartmann: First genetic confirmation of Theloderma stellatum (Anura: Rhacophoridae) from Cambodia and notes on its distribution. pp. 87-91. [PDF]
  • Tzoras, E., J. Foufopoulos, M. Volz, S. Troidl, A. Troidl & D. Jablonski: Lost in the Cyclades: genetic affiliation of the Yellow-bellied Toad, Bombina variegata (Anura: Bombinatoridae), from Paros Island, Greece. pp. 92-95. [PDF]
  • di Tada, I. E. & U. Sinsch: Geographical variation of advertisement and release calls in toads referred to as Rhinella diptycha (Anura: Bufonidae). pp. 96-101. [PDF]
  • Dehling, J. M., M. Mindje, B. Dumbo, H. Hinkel, H. Hinkel & U. Sinsch: Advertisement call and notes on the ecology of Afrixalus orophilus (Anura: Hyperoliidae) in Rwanda. pp. 102-105. [PDF]

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