German Journal of Herpetology

Volume 59 - 2023

 Issue 3


  • Lehr, E., J. C. Cusi, M. I. Fernandez, R. J. Vera & A. Catenazzi: A new species of Tachymenoides (Serpentes: Dipsadidae: Tachymenini) from the puna of the Otishi National Park in Peru. pp. 199-206. [PDF]
  • Ngo N. H., Q. T. Phan, V. C. Hoang, Q. H. Nguyen, R. L. Gewiss, Q. T. Nguyen, T. Ziegler & T. C. Pham: Do not leave understudied species behind: Ecological adaptations, demography, and threat analysis of an endemic Gekko species in northern Vietnam for conservation purposes. pp. 207-216. [PDF]
  • Señaris, C., M. Lampo, A. Rodríguez-Contreras & G. Velásquez: Breeding site fidelity of the critically endangered toad Atelopus cruciger (Anura: Bufonidae): implications for its conservation. pp. 217-228. [PDF]
  • Jungfer, K.-H.: Squeeze me, please me: the reproductive biology of the Amazonian bamboo frog Nyctimantis rugiceps (Anura: Hylidae), with notes on possible interspecific brood parasitism and skin secretions. pp. 229-238. [PDF]
  • Glaw, F., J. Köhler, F. M. Ratsoavina, A. P. Raselimanana, A. Crottini, P.-S. Gehring, W. Böhme, M. D. Scherz & M. Vences: A new large-sized species of leaf-tailed gecko (Uroplatus) from northern Madagascar. pp. 239-261. [PDF]
  • Ginal, P., J. Stahlberg, A. Rauhaus, P. Wagner, D. Rödder & T. Ziegler: Threatened turtles and tortoises (Testudines) in zoos: A ZIMS database analysis for improved One Plan Approach to Conservation actions. pp. 262-274. [PDF]
  • Lacerda, J. V. A., C. Zocca, E. G. Cafofo, A. P. de Araújo, K. H. Beard, L. F. Toledo & R. B. Ferreira: Plant-borne vibration is related to the vocal repertoire of an Atlantic Forest marsupial frog: vocalization of Fritziana tonimi (Anura: Hemiphractidae). pp. 275-283. [PDF]
  • Amat Orriols, F. & D. Escoriza: Molecular biogeography and niche climatic diversification of sand lizards (Lacerta agilis) with special emphasis on the history of the Pyrenean populations. pp. 284-296. [PDF]
  • Bosch, J., L. Afuang, M. Miñarro, C. Lansac, R. Márquez, R. Brown, A. V. Lacaste, P. A. Burrowes & I. De la Riva: The calls of the poorly known Philippine Flat-headed frog, Barbourula busuangensis (Anura: Bombinatoridae). pp. 297-303. [PDF]


  • Niwa, K.: Conspecific oophagy by an unhatched larva of the Tsushima Salamander, Hynobius tsuensis (Caudata: Hynobiidae), within an egg-sac. pp. 304-306. [PDF]

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