German Journal of Herpetology

Volume 58 - 2022

 Issue 2


  • Gehring, P.-S., J. H. Razafindraibe, M. Vences & F. Glaw: Day geckos (Phelsuma) in northern Madagascar: first step to resolve a paradoxical case of mitochondrial paraphyly and morphological differentiation. pp. 83-100. [PDF]
  • Lalremsanga, H. T., A. K. Bal, G. Vogel & L. Biakzuala: Molecular phylogenetic analyses of lesser known colubrid snakes reveal a new species of Herpetoreas (Squamata: Colubridae: Natricinae), and new insights into the systematics of Gongylosoma scriptum and its allies from northeastern India. pp. 101-115. [PDF]
  • Choeur, A., J. Clémencet, M. Le Corre & M. Sanchez: Evidence of seasonal reproduction, laying site fidelity, and oviposition synchronicity in the critically endangered endemic Manapany Day Gecko (Phelsuma inexpectata) from Reunion Island (western Indian Ocean). pp. 116-122. [PDF]
  • Ineich, I., T. Koppetsch & W. Böhme: Pinocchio lizards and other lizards bearing rostral appendages − the peculiar habitus of the draconine agamid Harpesaurus tricinctus with highlights on its ecological implications and convergence with its New World equivalent, the dactyloid Anolis proboscis. pp. 123-138. [PDF]
  • S’khifa, A., M. A. Carretero, D. J. Harris & T. Slimani: Ecophysiological conservativeness and size-mediated plasticity in the High Mountain Lizard Atlantolacerta andreanskyi confirm its vulnerability to climate change. pp. 139-150. [PDF]
  • Shoo, R., M. Nassoro & R. T. Mwaya: The effects of handling on natural populations of the Critically Endangered Pancake Tortoise, Malacochersus tornieri (Testudines: Testudinidae). pp. 151-156. [PDF]


  • Mogali, S. M., B. A. Shanbhag & S. K. Saidapur: Knowledge of predators and accessibility to refuge reduces larval mortality of the Bicolored Frog, Clinotarsus curtipes (Anura: Ranidae). pp. 157-160. [PDF]
  • Platt, S. G., Swann Htet Naing Aung, Me Me Soe, Tint Lwin, K. Platt, A. D. Walde & T. R. Rainwater: Reproduction of translocated Geochelone platynota (Testudines: Testudinidae) at two wildlife sanctuaries in Myanmar. pp. 161-165. [PDF]
  • Purger, J. J., R. Bocz & T. O. Mérő: Anti-predatory behaviour of Common Wall Lizards (Lacertidae: Podarcis muralis) in habitats with different density levels of built-up in a Central European city. pp. 166-170. [PDF]

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