De la Riva, I. & J. Aparicio:

In Issues 2016

Three new Bolivian species of Psychrophrynella (Anura: Craugastoridae), and comments on the amphibian fauna of the Cordillera de Apolobamba. pp. 283-292.

Abstract. Three new species of Psychrophrynella from the Bolivian section of the Cordillera de Apolobamba are described. The new species are distinguished from their closest relatives mainly by characters such as colour pattern, size, and skin texture. With the addition of these three new species, the diversity of the genus Psychrophrynella in Bolivia increases to 21 species. The protected Area Natural de Manejo Integrado Nacional (ANMIN) Apolobamba holds seven endemic species, and it is highly likely that more undescribed forms will be discovered when new surveys are conducted in this region, underscoring the need to preserve its rich endemic amphibian fauna.

Key words. Amphibia, Andes, endemism, new species, Psychrophrynella.

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