Cacciali, P., H. Cabral, V. L. Ferreira & G. Köhler:

In Issues 2016

Revision of Philodryas mattogrossensis with the revalidation of P. erlandi (Reptilia: Squamata: Dipsadidae). pp. 293-292.

Abstract. Examination of the geographical variation of selected morphological characters in Philodryas mattogrossensis resulted in evidence to support the recognition of two species and we therefore resurrect P. erlandi from the synonymy of P. mattogrossensis. Philodryas mattogrossensis inhabits Cerrado with some records in Atlantic Forest biomes in eastern Paraguay and southern Brazil, whereas P. erlandi is distributed in dry and arid environments of the Chaco in northern and western Paraguay, southeastern Bolivia, and northern Argentina. We designate SMF 49990 as neotype for Philodryas mattogrossensis.

Key words. South America, Cerrado, Chaco, snakes, taxonomy.

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