Deoniziak, K., A. Hermaniuk & A. Wereszczuk

In Issues 2017

Effects of wetland restoration on the amphibian community in the Narew River Valley (Northeast Poland). pp. 50-58.

Abstract. Habitat restoration is a mitigation tool often proposed in conservation biology, however, our knowledge about its effectiveness is still limited. Here we evaluate the effects of a large-scale drainage and habitat restoration project on the amphibian community in the Narew River Valley, Poland. We used visual encounter surveys, manual calling surveys, and dip-netting to record species presence/absence and breeding status. Data were then compared with a previous study that was conducted during the restoration process. We found a general increase in breeding activity and three species were found for the first time in the study area. Amphibians bred most frequently in ephemeral ponds on wetland meadows. An­thropogenic water bodies contained a similar number of species as natural sites did. Our results suggest that the increase in the amount of water in the river valley has had a positive effect on the local amphibian community.

Key words. Amphibia, wetland, habitat restoration, breeding success.

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