Dias, T. M., T. G. dos Santos, F. P. Maragno, V. F. Oliveira, C. Lima & S. Z. Cechin

In Issues 2017

Breeding biology, territoriality, and reproductive site use by Phyllomedusa iheringii (Anura: Phyllomedusidae) from the South American Pampa in Brazil. pp. 257-266.

Abstract. The breeding behaviour of anurans can be associated with environmental variables, availability of suitable reproductive sites, and the number of individuals in a breeding area. We describe the social and breeding behaviour of Phyllomedusa iheringii, characterize the reproductive period and reproductive sites, and investigate the presence of assortative mating and calling site fidelity in ponds in southern Brazil. The breeding season was found to be prolonged and associated with the warmest months. Mating was not assortative in terms of body size of amplectant pairs. Patrolling behaviour and multiple amplexi were occasionally observed, which appears to be a density-dependent shift related to high male abundance in the choruses. Calling sites were mainly on grasses above the ground, in contrast to the oviposition sites that were mainly shrubs above the water, suggesting a lek mating system. The positions of reproductive sites varied between months, but only locations of calling sites varied between ponds. Male body size correlated significantly with perch height, and males exhibited territorial behaviour despite having low fidelity to calling sites. Males did not defend oviposition sites, dismissing a resource defence mating system, even though they did exhibit aggressive behaviour, meaning that territoriality plays some role in this species’ reproductive strategy.
Key words. Amphibia, habitat use, behaviour, assortative mating, site fidelity.

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