Entiauspe-Neto, O. M., A. D. Abegg, C. Koch, L. P. Nuñez, W. S. Azevedo, L. J. C. L. Moraes, A. Tiutenko, T. S. Bialves & D. Loebmann

In Issues 2021

A new species of Erythrolamprus (Serpentes: Dipsadidae: Xenodontini) from the savannas of northern South America. pp. 196-218 plus Supplementary Table S1 (xlsx), Supplementary Table S2 (xlsx), Supplementary Table S3 (xlsx), Supplementary File 1 (tre), Supplementary File 2 (png).

 Abstract. Erythrolamprus Boie, 1826 is a highly diverse dipsadid snake genus, ranging from Central America south to Argentina and Uruguay. In this work, we reassess the taxonomic status of specimens previously identified as Erythrolamprus poecilogyrus schotti (Schlegel, 1837) from the savannah habitats of Roraima state, northern Brazil, Guyana, and Bolívar state, Venezuela. Based on novel molecular and morphological evidence, we conclude that these specimens represent a distinct, diagnosable and reciprocally monophyletic taxon. We here describe it as a new  pecies. Furthermore, we comment on the taxonomy of other Erythrolamprus spp.. 

Key words. Brazil, Erythrolamprus sp. nov., E. p. schotti, molecular phylogeny, morphology, open habitats, Squamata, taxonomy, Venezuela.

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