German Journal of Herpetology

Echevarría, L. Y., D. J. Paluh, L. A. García-Ayachi, P. J. Venegas, A. Catenazzi, R. Pradel & S. Castroviejo-Fisher

In Issues 2022

Two new species of marsupial frogs (Anura: Hemiphractidae) from the Central Andes of northern Peru. pp. 1-23 plus Erratum (11 April 2022)

Clement, V. F., R. Schluckebier & D. Rödder

In Issues 2022

About lizards and unmanned aerial vehicles: assessing home range and habitat selection in Lacerta agilis. pp. 24-42 plus Supplementary document S1, document S2 and document S3.

Kakehashi, R., K. Hemmi, W. Landman, N. Furuno, L. Du Preez, L. Minter & A. Kurabayashi

In Issues 2022

Better than mere attraction – adhesive properties of skin secretion in the Common Rain Frog, Breviceps adspersus. pp. 43-51 plus Supplementary documents

Faul, C., N. Wagner & M. Veith

In Issues 2022

Successful automated photographic identification of larvae of the European Fire Salamander, Salamandra salamandra. pp. 52-63 plus Supplementary document

Jurkowicz, G., R. Horwitz, S. Gafny, L. Blaustein & I. Shams

In Issues 2022

Absence of the chytrid fungus Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans in populations of the Near Eastern Fire Salamander (Salamandra infraimmaculata) in Israel. pp. 64-66

Lunghi, E., R. Manenti & R. Cimmaruta

In Issues 2022

The identity of an allochthonous Pyrenean population of Speleomantes cave salamanders. pp. 67-70

Vörös, J., I. R. Dias, W. Bolaños & M. Solé

In Issues 2022

Description of the tadpole of Phyllodytes amadoi (Anura: Hylidae) from its type locality in Bahia, Brazil. pp. 71-75

Rojas-González, R. I., J. A. Lemos-Espinal & G. R. Smith

In Issues 2022

Ectoparasite prevalence of the Flathead Knob-scaled Lizard Xenosaurus platyceps in tropical and temperate populations.pp. 76-80

Krause, E. T., S. Steinfartz & B. A. Caspers

In Issues 2022

Erratum to: The ravages of time – Life-long consequences of early larval nutritional conditions on terrestrial life of fire salamanders (Salamandra salamandra). p. 81

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