German Journal of Herpetology

Vörös, J., I. R. Dias, W. Bolaños & M. Solé

In Issues 2022

Description of the tadpole of Phyllodytes amadoi (Anura: Hylidae) from its type locality in Bahia, Brazil. pp. 71-75

Abstract. Phyllodytes amadoi Vörös, Dias & Solé 2017, one of the 15 recognized species of the genera Phyllodytes, is known only from the type locality in the municipality of Una, State of Bahia, Brazil. As the original species description lacks information on the larvae, herein we describe the tadpole of P. amadoi and compare it with tadpoles of 10 other Phyllodytes species. We collected six tadpoles from bromeliads at the type locality of P. amadoi and described the diagnostic characters that distinguish the species from its congeners. The most important diagnostic characters are: 1) 9–19 mm total length (Gosner stage 25–30), 2) labial tooth row formula 2(2)/2, 3) body greyish with a translucent skin and a darker grey pigmentation on both sides of the tail musculature, 4) dorsally a grey triangle-shape marking between the eyes.

Key words. Amphibia, Atlantic rainforest, Brazil, Bahia, treefrog, bromeliad, larval external morphology.

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