Volume 60 - 2023

 Issue 2

Salamandra Cover 60(2)



  • Gippner, S., N. Strowbridge, E. Šunje, M. Capstick, F. Amat, S. Bogaerts, K. Merabet, K. Preissler, P. Galán, I. Martínez-Solano, L. Bonato, S. Steinfartz, G. Velo-Antón, C. Dufresnes, K. R. Elmer & M. Vences: The effect of hybrids on phylogenomics and subspecies delimitation in Salamandra, a highly diversified amphibian genus. pp. 105-128. [PDF]
  • Kovar, R., M. Brabec, P. Moravec & T. Husak: Fire Salamander, Salamandra salamandra, niche selection in Central European conditions. pp. 129-146. [PDF]
  • Mogali, S. M., B. A. Shanbhag & S. K. Saidapur: Behavioural responses of predator-naïve, predator-experienced and wild-caught Sphaerotheca breviceps tadpoles to kairomones from the carnivorous tadpoles of Hoplobatrachus tigerinus. pp. 147-152. [PDF]


Titel page:

Tagged Salamandra salamandra from Solling, Germany. Photo: S. Gippner.

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